What a course of therapy involves

A course of CBT for insomnia involves around 6-8 sessions of therapy.  Each appointment is one hour long. I generally advise to meet on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. This helps to gain continuity in therapy, and put into practice the new skills and techniques learnt in session.  I also provide access to  email support in between the sessions if needed.  I use a collaborative approach to ensure that the therapy sessions are tailored to each person’s needs.

At the first meeting I take a thorough sleep assessment. This gives me an insight into your sleep problems including a clear understanding of what caused the insomnia and the factors keeping it going. It is also to make sure that CBT is the right treatment for your sleep difficulties.  If the sleep assessment indicates that there may be another sleep disorder present, I would recommend a referral for further diagnostic investigations at a specialist Sleep Centre www.1stopsnoring.co.uk.

Where insomnia is confirmed and CBT therapy commenced,  I would ask you to keep a sleep diary from the first session onwards to document your sleep pattern.   This information will enable us to improve your sleep quality/ time as well as help track progress through therapy.  I use a range of different cognitive and behavioural techniques, which have strong clinical evidence supporting their effectiveness in the treatment of insomnia. By the end of the therapy, you will have a robust toolkit of strategies to help attain good quality sleep, and  improve your wellbeing.

Clinic locations

I work in Chichester clinic rooms and at the Boxgrove Clinic, providing one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to individuals suffering from insomnia.


I accept referrals directly from individuals and from medical professionals.  The cost of each session of CBT is £80.  If a session needs to be cancelled then please give more than 24hours notice to avoid incurring any charges.