‘I found Dr Tania Ahern’s support, through a series of very well structured CBT sessions, invaluable in helping me deal with a particularly bad period of insomnia. Her approach was sympathetic, insightful and gently challenging. The sessions provided me with a very useful set of constructive approaches, helping me to work through and manage the negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours I’d built up over a number of years regarding my sleep problems.’

(Mr P Chichester)

‘Tania is an extremely patient, kind and resourceful lady.  Her knowledge, support and experience of CBT for insomnia, has proved invaluable in my therapy and I have now mastered the strategies I need to enable me to combat my sleeping problems. Tania’s guidance, support and encouragement, has helped me to overcome a very big issue in my life.’

(Mrs B Chichester)

‘I have struggled with sleep problems to a varying degree all my life. Eventually I went down the ‘pill’ route to help me sleep, and was resigned to that, until I developed an intolerance to the medication. I was referred to Tania for CBT by the Sleep Clinic, and her calmness, optimism and support started me on an amazing journey to good sleep.

Over the course of a few months, by tailoring our sessions to my particular needs, my sleep pattern began to shift. This required me to be committed to the process and to follow the plan Tania devised for me.

Tania always ensured that I fully understood the theory and aims of her interventions, and it was important to me that I had a say in the process too. It was a collaboration. It was tiring, and difficult, but when my sleep began to improve it was incredible to find that for several weeks I was exhausted – from sleeping! However, when my body adjusted to getting good quality sleep on a more regular basis this lifted, and so over time I have developed a pattern that has changed my life.

Tania is committed to taking care of her clients, and I felt supported by her throughout the course of my therapy. I also know that she is someone I can reconnect with at any stage in the future if sleep issues arise. That is important part of the process to me, knowing that I am not alone.

I would definitely recommend Tania as an excellent CBT therapist for anyone struggling with a debilitating sleep problem. Tania has the knowledge, you have to “DO” the work.’

(Mrs T Goring Hall clinic)